Acoustic Monitoring and Phase 1 Habitat Assessment – Harlan County, Kentucky

Investigators conducting this survey included Mr. Jason B. Robinson performing acoustic analysis and Tom Wilson and Jacob Riddle as acoustic technicians. Michael Boller, Tom Wilson, and Jacob Riddle performed the habitat assessments. The habitat assessment was conducted to document potential bat habitat within the project corridor and determine if suitable habitat is present for the …

Stream Mitigation Bank Fisheries Study

Last month we performed a fisheries study at a stream mitigation bank site. This data is being used to determine the Biotic Integrity Index to help measure the success of the restoration project. Populations of multiple fish species were found in pools just like these throughout the project.

Eelgrass Restoration Monitoring

Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Restoration Monitoring with UAV Eelgrass beds provide food and habitat for blue crabs, young striped bass, bay scallops, waterfowl, and many other aquatic species. The beds also filter pollutants, reduce shoreline erosion, trap sediments, and add oxygen to the water. 2021 Data Acquisition Details The aerial submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) imagery from …

Stream & Wetland Mitigation Monitoring

Stream & Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Section 404 Clean Water Act Mitigation compliance documentation can be very difficult due to the complexity and detail of many permit conditions. In recent years we have implemented the deployment of our Ecodrone systems. This technology allows us to provide high resolution aerial imagery and gives our clients the data …

Navigable Waters Protection Rule

April 21, 2020 the Navigable Waters Protection Rule is put into the federal register. It becomes effective June 22, 2020. Contact Jesse Robinson at 859-797-7466 or [email protected] to discuss.

Tennessee Stream Quantification Tool (SQT)

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation finalized their Stream Quantification Tool (SQT) November 11, 2018. This tool is proposed to replace the 2004 mitigation guidelines. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). (2018). Tennessee Stream Quantification Tool: Data Collection and Analysis Manual, TN SQT v1.0. Nashville, TN: Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. )

Hydrologic Determination – Tennessee

We recently completed multiple hydrologic determinations in the State of Tennessee. These are required by Tennessee law and are conducted by our trained field staff. These determinations use a combination of primary and secondary field indicators for the assessment. The secondary indicators include assess geomorphology, hydrology, and biology related characteristics within the watercourse to identify …

Jurisdictional Determinations

Jurisdictional Determinations are conducted by Waypoint, LLC personnel in support of the requirements of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) to identify “waters of the U.S.” as identified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Field surveys for the determination were conducted in accordance with the 1987 USACE Wetlands Delineation Manual …

Kentucky Cultural Resource Management

Kentucky Cultural Resource Management Services include historic structures survey related to Section 106 compliance. This historic structures survey was conducted to identify any potential cultural historic resources that might potentially be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.The below resource was identified and evaluated during the project.