Cultural Resource Services

Waypoint, LLC provides a full suite of cultural resource management services for the assessment and identification of cultural resources including historic cemeteries, buildings, and prehistoric sites. Many federal agencies such as the Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, and the EPA require Section 106 consultation for their permitting requirements. Each state also maintains its own regulations in regards to these resources. Equipped in the field with tools such as GPS units and shovels, drones, and in the office using software packages such as ArcGIS, AutoCad, and other software we are able to provide high precision documentation of resources during surveys.

Cultural resource management services vary in complexity and vary by state but with federal, state, and local laws, identification of these resources ahead of time during a project is always the best method. This can help avoid delays in permitting and project design through identification of the absence or presence of these resources. Our staff and their associates have experience working in multiple states across the U.S. providing historic and prehistoric archaeological survey services. The purpose of Phase I archaeological surveys is to identify any archaeological resources within a project area and assess their potential eligibility for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Phase II surveys are typically designed to assess the research potential of a site and to assess its eligibility for nomination to the NRHP.

Our newest services include the use of small drones or UAVs for archaeological survey projects. Drone archaeology is the newest advancement in technology allowing us to record and document the presence or absence of these resources.

We regularly provide or consult to provide the following services:
  •  Phase I and II Archaeological Surveys (Historic and Prehistoric)
  •  Archaeological Project Management
  •  Reconnaissance Surveys and Cultural Resource Assessments
  •  Drone Services (mapping, documentation and site assessments)
  •  Cultural Historic Assessments
  •  Architectural Building Surveys
Historic Preservation