Waypoint, LLC is an environmental consulting firm based out of Lexington, Kentucky. At Waypoint, we guide our clients through a variety of complex regulatory situations with an emphasis on restoration and protection of our natural resources.

Our devoted staff has grown to include a number of professionals with extensive backgrounds in natural resource management, mitigation and restoration, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, state and federal regulations, forestry, botany, wetland science, stream delineations, geomorphology, hydrology, GIS/geospatial analysis, drone technology, and cultural resources/archaeology. 

We understand the complicated and delicate situations which may arise when working with the environment and seek to simplify and streamline projects to meet our client’s goals, and resolve challenges with efficient and pragmatic solutions. Waypoint can manage and coordinate all stages of a project or offer individual services tailored to meet unique requirements. With an innovative approach, foresight into tomorrow’s regulatory challenges, a passion for our job, and a strong commitment to high quality service, we strive to achieve success for our clients in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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